Log in with your Group ID and Admin Password to view the progress of all users in your group, whether on free or paid logins. You may also change their passwords and user settings.

Please note: the group details are not the same as the login username and passwords. See below for more info.

Group ID
Admin Password     

Lost your group details? Use the 'Resend Details' tool in the SIGN IN page.


How do Groups Work?

If you are the administrator of a group, you can track your students' progress and make changes to their accounts using Group Management. To become an administrator of a group, please purchase one or more logins and receive the Group ID and Admin Password from our system (anyone can use the logins thereafter - you just need the group details).

Any logins that you purchase will become part of your group automatically. Other users (even those who are just using a free account) can join your group either when they first log in, or by accessing the user tools within the application.

To create a group, simply share your Group ID with others. Do not share your Admin Password.

More information about groups to print or share