Group Help

Group Administration

What is the console for?

  • View the progress of your students.
  • Make changes to their accounts and settings.
  • Create new groups and assign students to these.

What Information does the console display?

  • Which students have been logging in and how often.
  • Which activities they have completed.
  • How many times they have tried each activity.
  • When the login expires.
Click the ‘Students’ or ‘Student Details’ link to list the students in the group.

Which details can I change?

  • The player name.
  • The optional email address they use to log in.
  • The student’s password.
  • Whether optional sounds are played.
  • The language used in the application.
  • Whether all sections of the course are opened or whether each activity must be completed.
  • Which clef is used for the activities.

Click the ‘Go’ button alongside a student to open up the options.

How do I log into the console?

Anyone placing a purchase for either a Teacher Login or 10 or more Student Logins will receive the Purchaser ID and Purchaser Password along with their login details.

The Purchaser ID and Password can be used to log into the console.  Click Groups in the main menu of the website to enter the Group area.

What is my ‘default group’?

To begin with, you have only one group.  Any logins you purchase will automatically be placed in your default group.

When you log in with your Purchaser details, you will see information about your default group.

Click on the ‘Scores’ or ‘Student Details’ buttons to see how your students are getting on.


What is the group structure?

The Purchaser always has control.  They can manage other groups and view the students in all groups.  They can also move students between groups.  They should log in with the Purchaser ID and Purchaser Password for this level of access.

New Groups are given a Group ID and Group Password.  These allow the management of only the students within that group.  Group Managers cannot alter the structure of the groups.


How do I add more groups?

If you have a lot of students, you may want to set up more groups and have a few students in each.  Other teachers can then manage their own group of students.

To create a new group, log in to the console with your Purchaser details and scroll down the Groups page.  Use the Create New Group box to form a new group.  Note down your new Group ID and Group Password.  These can be shared with other teachers.

New or empty groups?

When you create a new group, it will start off empty.  Empty groups are listed at the bottom of the page.

A group will also be made empty if you move all the students out of it.

How do I assign students to a group?

To assign students to groups, click on the Assign link in the top menu.  You may then select one of your groups for each student.
Only the purchaser can assign students; not other group managers.
If you have a lot of students to assign, feel free to ask us to do it for you.  You will need to forward a list of group names and the number of students to be placed in each.  Group names must start with your Purchaser ID.

Can other students join my group?

Yes – any students can join your group.  You will need to share a Group ID with them.  Remember that if you have only one group, then its Group ID is the same as your Purchaser ID.

Students should do the following:

1.  Log into the application.
2.  Click on the user menu icon in the top right of the screen.
3.  Select Groups.
4.  Enter the Group ID you have given them.


What if I’ve lost my Purchaser ID?

If you have lost your Purchaser ID then it can be retrieved using the email used when you made your purchase .
1.  Open the application.
2.  Click on ‘Resend Details’.
3.  Enter your email in the lower box and Submit.
You can always ask us for help if you get stuck 🙂

Can those with free logins join my group?

Yes – any students can join your group, even those with free logins.  Click on Groups in the menu within the application and enter the Group ID.

See our Free Logins page for more details.

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