School Discount Purchases

We offer large discounts for schools purchasing The Mighty Maestro. You may purchase 10 or more Single Logins and track your students’ progress using our Group Admin pages. Or you may prefer a Shared Login and let anyone have a go at the activities on your whiteboard or classroom computer.

Single Login Prefix

You have the option of choosing a 6-9 character Group ID e.g. part of your school name. This will become the basis of all login IDs (e.g. stjohns01, stjohns02 etc). You will otherwise be given a generated ID.


Please enter your coupon code if you have one.

Single Student Logins

1 Year Login


A Single Student Login will guide the student through the Mighty Maestro, keeping track of scores and personal preferences. The student can log in from any internet connected computer.
  • For one student
  • Guides student through activities
  • Personal options
  • Score tracking
  • Follow progress in group management
  • Activities locked after 100% achieved 3 times

Shared Logins

1 Year Login


Shared Teacher-Student Logins are great if you would like to demonstrate activities repeatedly or let students take it in turns to complete tasks but not follow their progress.
  • For any number of teachers or students, one at a time
  • Pick an activity and go
  • No personal options
  • Scores not remembered
  • No group management
  • Activities never locked