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Single Student Logins

A Single Student Login will guide the student through the Mighty Maestro, keeping track of scores and personal preferences. The student can log in from any internet connected computer.

  • For one student
  • Guides student through activities
  • Personal options
  • Score tracking
  • Follow progress in group management
  • Activities locked after 100% achieved 3 times

1 Year Single Login

$ One off payment
Number of Students

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Shared Logins

Shared Teacher-Student Logins are great if you would like to demonstrate activities repeatedly or let students take it in turns to complete tasks but not follow their progress.

  • For any number of teachers or students, one at a time
  • Pick an activity and go
  • No personal options
  • Scores not remembered
  • No group management
  • Activities never locked

1 Year Shared Login

$ One off payment
Number of Logins

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