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Interactive music theory games, races and listening activities for early musicians..

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The Mighty Maestro uses a variety of enjoyable music theory lessons, games and races to introduce concepts such as music notes (across the bass and treble clef), music values, time signatures, dynamics, scales, triads and key signatures. The completion of the program requires listening, observation and a bit of trial and error, leading to a solid understanding of basic music theory. Interactive and engaging, The Mighty Maestro is the perfect way for beginners to learn music notes, music values and the other bits of music theory.

Music Notes

Learn about music notes and values, including crotchets, quavers, semiquavers, minims and semibreves on the bass and treble clef.

Time Signatures

Investigate time signatures, bars, rests, repeats and second endings.


Find out about the dynamics used in music, with loud and soft notes played quickly and slowly.


Learn about sharps and flats, half-steps and whole steps, then look at how these are used to form the major scales, intervals and tonic triads.

Key Signatures

Recognise key signatures and understand when to play sharps, flats, natural notes and accidentals.

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Local Variation

The Mighty Maestro is available with UK and US English musical terms. You may choose between your crotchets and quarter notes, bars and measures.

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Students can work their way through the activities one at a time. Teachers can demonstrate any activity and access the Group Management Console.

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“Your software is amazing and so kid friendly. They were so excited to learn – even the principal was happy seeing them enthusiastic about music.”
C. Escobar, School Music Teacher
“I absolutely love the programme and so do my students. It also adds lovely variety to their lessons. Sincere congratulations to all involved, keep up the good work!”
Breda, Music Teacher
“I love your software and the kids do too. In my opinion, you have the best music theory program out there.”
T. Wright, School Music Teacher

Music Theory for Beginner Musicians

The Mighty Maestro requires listening, observation and a bit of trial and error, leading to a solid understanding of basic music theory.

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