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If you have been given a Group or Class ID by a teacher, you may use this to join their group. This will enable the teacher to monitor your progress and control some settings in your logins. If you do not join a group now, you may always do this later using the profile pages in the app.
Note: If you are purchasing logins for your own school or group, you do not need to enter a Group ID here. The Logins will be automatically placed in your Master Group and can be managed in the console. This tool is for students who have been asked to purchase their own logins by their teacher.
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The Teacher-Parent Console is where you (the purchaser) can check your logins, reset passwords, adjust settings and create and manage groups etc.
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You should not need to set up a PayPal account; simply select Pay with a Card on the following screen. It also doesn't matter who makes the payment - the logins will be created in your Console Account.

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You may create and invoice for payment via bank transfer or credit card. Bank transfers are available in Australia, NZ, UK and the US. Logins will be added to your Console Account after payment.

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