The Different Logins

Free StudentPaid StudentFree TeacherPaid Teacher
Access Section 1YesYesYes (30 min trial)Yes (1 year’s use)
Access Sections 2-9NoYes (3 x 100% max)Yes (30 min trial)Yes (1 year’s use)
Join a groupYesYes
Console accountYesYes
Track purchasesYesYes
Personal commission couponsYesYes
Group managementNoYes
View student progressNoYes
Update student detailsNoYes
Create classes and optionsNoYes
Control lesson accessNoYes
Invite other free or paid studentsNoYes
Invite other administratorsNoYes
Change usernames & passwords in bulkNoYes
Email login details homeNoYes
Pass ownership of logins to othersNoYes

Your privacy

We use cookies to keep you logged into the activities and improve your experience of our website.

A few more details...
We collect just enough information to run the activities and check that the site is working as intended. Students may remain anonymous with the use of generated IDs. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information and talk to us if you have any concerns.