Working with Groups

Working with Groups

What is a Master Group?

If you purchase a Teacher Login or 10+ Student Logins, you may set up a Master Group and become a Group Master.  Any logins you have purchased will automatically be placed in your Master Group.

Set up a Master Group from your Account Homepage.

If you work in more than one establishment, you may set up further Master Groups and keep all these students completely separate.  You will need to purchase another Teacher Login to create a new Master Group.


What is the group structure?

The Group Master always has control.  They can create and manage other groups and view the students in all groups.  They can also assign students to the different groups.

New Groups can be created within a Master Group.  These will have their own Group ID and allow the management of only the students within that smaller group of students.  You may manage these different groups yourself or invite other teachers to become a Group Administrator of a particular group.


How do I add more groups?

If you have a lot of students, you may want to set up more groups and have a few students in each.  Other teachers can then manage their own group of students.

To create a new group, log in to the console and click ‘Go to Group’ alongside a Master Group you have created.  The ‘Create New Group’ form can be found on the Group Homepage.

New and empty groups?

When you create a new group it will be placed in your list of groups, below your Master Group.  The new group will be empty until you assign students to it.

Only an empty group can be deleted.  A group will be made empty if you move all the students out of it.

How do I assign students to a group?

To assign students to groups, click on the ‘Assign Students to Groups’ link below your list of groups.  You may then select one of your groups for each student.
Only the Group Master can assign students; not other Group Administrators.
If you have a lot of students to assign, feel free to ask us to do it for you.  You will need to forward a list of group names and the number of students to be placed in each.


How do I add administrators to a group?

Anyone with a free Teacher-Parent Account can become a Group Administrator.
Visit the Group Homepage and click on a Group Access button alongside one of your groups (not the Master Group; you will need to create a subgroup first).  You may then invite someone to become an administrator by adding their email address to the lower box and updating.
The person will receive an email inviting them into your group.  If they already have a Teacher-Parent Account, then the invitation will be shown on their Account Homepage.  If they haven’t an account, then they will need to set one up using the same email address you used to invite them.

Can other students join my group?

Yes – any students purchasing their own logins or using Free Logins can join your group.  You will need to share a Group ID with them.  Remember that if you have only one group, then this will be your Master Group ID.

Students should do the following:

1.  Log into the application.
2.  Click on the user menu icon in the top left of the screen.
3.  Select Join Group.
4.  Enter the Group ID you have given them.


Can those with free logins join my group?

Yes – any students can join your group, even those with free logins.  Click on Join Group in the menu within the application and enter the Group ID. See our Groups of Free Logins page for more details.

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