Groups of Free Logins

Setting Up a Group of Free Logins - For Teachers

If you purchase logins, groups are easy.  All your students are automatically placed in your first Master Group so that you can monitor their progress using the Console.  Group Management is available to those purchasing 10 or more Student Logins, or at least one Teacher Login.

Setting up a group for Free Logins is a little more difficult.  This is because students must link their accounts to you manually.


To set up a class for Free Logins.

1.  Set up a free Console Account.  There are instructions here.


2.  Purchase a Teacher Login.  More details about this step here.

3.  Return to the Console Homepage and create your Master Group ID.  This ID will need to be shared with your students.


4.  Ask students to set up a Free Login. To do this, select Sign In from our main menu then click the ‘Get a Free Login’ button in the application.

You can find more help here.

5.  On the User Setting page, students should enter the Master Group ID you have given them.

6.  You may monitor student progress using the Console.

7.  Any students wishing to complete the program may purchase their login.

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