Commission Coupons

Commission Coupons

Do you teach students or have a network of musical friends? Do you want to earn a little extra for yourself or add some funds to your music group? You may create your own unique coupon code then offer discounts and earn commission from the sales of logins.

The 20-20 Coupon
Anyone using your coupon can get a 20% discount and you will earn 20% commission on the sale. This includes Student and Teacher Logins, so you can share with your friends and colleagues as well as your students.

You may share your coupon code through any appropriate channels such as emails, social networks or your own website. Your sales and commission can be viewed at any time on our Commission page and amounts owing withdrawn every 3 months via PayPal.

You are welcome to use the scheme as a fundraising mechanism. For example, schools may encourage music students to purchase their own logins whilst stating that 20% of the purchase price will go towards a new instrument.

1.  Log into the Console at:

2.  Click ‘Raise funds with your own Coupon Code’ in the Profile section at the top of the page.

3.  Generate your unique Coupon Code.

4.  Add ‘/G’ to the end of your Coupon Code if you would like students to join your group automatically on purchase (they can always join manually later if this is omitted).

5.  Share with students, colleagues and friends, or through your own websites and social media posts.

6. Customers should enter the Coupon Code into the top of our Purchase Page.

7. You will be notified by email whenever your coupon is used and may check your earnings at any time through the Console.

8.  Commission payments are made via PayPal every 3 months.


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