About the Console

About the Console

What is the console for?

  • Make changes to  student accounts and settings.

If you purchase a Teacher Login or 10 Student Logins then you qualify for Group Administration.  You may then also:

  • View the progress of your students.
  • Create new groups and assign students to these.
  • Invite other teachers to become Group Administrators.
  • Invite other teachers to use your Teacher Logins.

What Information does the console display?

For those qualifying for Group Administration:
  • Which students have been logging in and how often.
  • Which activities they have completed.
  • How many times they have tried each activity.
  • When the logins expire.
  • Who is using your Teacher Logins.

Which details can I change?

  • The player name.
  • The optional email address they use to log in.
  • The student’s password.
  • Whether optional sounds are played.
  • The language used in the application.
  • Whether all sections of the course are open or whether each activity must be completed.
  • Which clef is used for the activities.

Click the ‘Go to Login’ button alongside a student in your group to open up the options.

How do I log into the console?

Anyone placing a purchase will receive login details automatically.  These will include your email address and a generated password that can be changed. Anyone else involved in the management of Student Logins may set up a Account manually.

Can I purchase through the console?

Yes – this is usually the best way to purchase.
Console purchases allow you to:
  • Decide on usernames
  • Access bulk discounts
  • Create invoices for school or business payment

More information about Purchasing from the Console

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A few more details...
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