Bulk Change Usernames

Bulk Change Usernames and Passwords

Note:  You may only change usernames and passwords in bulk for logins that have not yet been used.  They must also not have any invitations or ownership change requests in place.

1.  Log into the Console at:


2.  Click ‘Go to Group’ alongside the group you wish to manage.

3.  Click on the ‘Members’ button alongside the Group containing the users you wish to update.

4.  From the list, select ‘Change Usernames – Change bulk usernames and passwords’.


5.  The aim now is to complete the bottom form on the page. Alongside each available Login you will find two empty boxes for new usernames and/or passwords.

If you like, you may simply type (or copy and paste) a new username and password into each box, noting that any boxes left empty will be ignored.


That would be slow and tedious, so we made a quicker way of filling the boxes using your own lists.  Please read on.


6.  You may prefill the boxes by copying lists of usernames and/or passwords into the top form, as shown.  A list of usernames can be copied into the left box; a list of corresponding passwords can be copied into the right box.

The lists can be copied from Excel or most other applications.  Here are some things to remember:

– Each username or password should be on a new line (or row) in your list.

– Usernames should be made up of letters and number only.

– Passwords can also include the characters @#$%

– You may leave one of the columns blank if you don’t want to make any changes to it.

7.  Open your data source.  If it is an Excel Spreadsheet, then select the list of usernames and copy as shown.  Don’t include the header row or the passwords at this point.


8.  Paste your list of usernames into the left box in the tool.  You may then repeat the copy and paste process for the passwords if you like, or just leave these blank.

Click the ‘Copy Usernames and Passwords to the Form Below’ button.

Don’t stress about this part – you are not submitting any changes.  The tool will simply copy the list of usernames and passwords to the bottom form.  If it works well – great.  If there are problems, you can simply adjust your data and try again.


9.  The data should now appear in the bottom form.  If there are problems with some of the usernames or passwords, these will be listed as an error.  You may either:

– Adjust your data and try the prefilling tool again.

– Change usernames or passwords manually in the bottom form.

Click the ‘Change Usernames and Passwords’ button at the bottom of the page when you are ready to make the changes.


10.  Once you have changed a batch of usernames, the whole list will be displayed again with changes in place.

If you want to change some more usernames, then it might be a bit tricky if the list is not in the order that you need.  In this case, you may use the filter to display only unchanged data.

For example, if your original list contained the usernames Myschool01, Myschool02 etc, and you have changed some of the usernames to Myusername1, Myusername2 etc, then type ‘Myschool’ in the filter to only display usernames that have not yet been changed.

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