About The Mighty Maestro

Why The Mighty Maestro?

A Few of the Possibilities

What's on the Menu

The Mighty Maestro involves 53 different activities, teaching students the basics of music theory.

Select your Language

Different musical terms are used around the world. Some places like quarter notes others prefer crotchets. You can choose either.

Select your Clef

Do you play the trumpet or trombone?  The clarinet or cello? Students can learn the notes in either clef.  The poor piano players need to learn both.

Students and Teachers

Students are guided through the tasks and can view their progress through each section. Teachers have open access to all activities so they can work through the lessons with their students.


Different options are available for students. Teachers can set the default options for individual students or the whole class. They may also decide which sections are available at any time.

The Console

The Teacher-Parent Console is where student progress is tracked, options are selected, groups managed, usernames chosen, bulk discounts made available, invoices created and login information shared.  Anyone can set up a Console Account; they are free.

Your privacy

We use cookies to keep you logged into the activities and improve your experience of our website.

A few more details...
We collect just enough information to run the activities and check that the site is working as intended. Students may remain anonymous with the use of generated IDs. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information and talk to us if you have any concerns.