What’s the difference between a Student and a Teacher Login? (Top)

A Student Login is designed for one student. The student can work from any internet connected computer and their progress through the activities is recorded. A Teacher Login is generally purchased by a teacher or tutor. They can demonstrate the activities on a whiteboard and complete activities together as a class. There is no score logging with a Teacher Login.

What is the Group ID and Password? (Top)

Student Logins purchased at one time become part of a group. The Group ID and Password can be used to monitor the progress of the students in the group and make changes to their accounts using the Group pages. Click on the ‘Groups’ link in the main menu of our website to access the Group pages.

Groups can be set up, managed and deleted by the Purchaser using the Purchaser ID.  Visit the Group pages and log in with your Purchaser ID and Password.

Student logins purchased at a later date will be added to the default group.  They can then be assigned to other groups by the Purchaser.

Students purchasing independently can join a group if they have been give the Group ID. This can be done when first setting up the new account or at any time from within the application (see the top-right menu).

Students using a free login can join a group in the same way.

Click here to open the Group Management pages.


What is the Purchaser ID and Password? (Top)

The Purchaser has overall control.  They can create, manage and delete groups using the Group pages.  They can also manage all students in all groups and request account changes from us.

Click here to open the Group Management pages.

How do I access the free section? (Top)

Simply click here to open the application and use the ‘Get a Free Login’ facility.

What do I do if I have lost my password? (Top)

If you have set up an email address to use with your login, then you can send yourself an account reminder. Click on ‘Sign In’ in the main menu of our website to open the application, then click ‘Resend Details’.

If you are a member of a class or group, you may ask the Group Administrator to reset your password using the facility in the Group pages.

Any purchaser may sign into the Group pages with their Purchaser ID and reset a password.  Look for the original email from us with the Purchaser details.

Failing all this, you can always contact us if you can’t find your login details. We will only send details to the email address used to purchase.

Do you use crotchets or quarter notes? (Top)

You can select either. Please click here for more information.

What do I do if I have a different issue? (Top)

Please contact us if you have any other problems.

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